Reducing energy consumption through innovation

In House Technology


As energy prices reach an all-time high, everyone is looking to reduce their energy costs. Relco has two solutions to help our customers save energy through innovation.

1. Induction Technology

Relco’s induction sealing technology is a great way to save energy, compared to using conduction sealing. Why?

  • The Relco Induction sealing technology only being on when sealing, whereas conduction sealers are continuously running to maintain their temperature.
  • Our induction technology work in a sealing window of 0.1ms – 1s, making the sealing time quick and efficient.
  • Once the seal has been made, the induction is turned off until the next seal is needed.


2. Air Consumption

Ways to reduce our machines pneumatic air consumption:

  • Using SMC ZK2 energy saving vacuum generators
  • Reducing the foil cutting pressure from 5 bar to 2 bar. We do this by using an Electro-Pneumatic Regulator
  • Reduced the sealing pressures required
  • Reduced the size of the pneumatic cylinders from 40 bore to 32 bore


These are all small changes but add up to much less air consumed by our machines, saving the customer money on their compressed air.


Save energy today by getting in touch to discuss swapping to induction sealing technology.