SmartSeal 800

Handheld Induction Sealer


The next generation of our smallest induction sealer.

An exciting update to our smallest device, and the first step in a new, better direction at Relco UK. Smarter and easier to use, allowing more people to access our world-class induction sealing technology. The first of our devices with Analysis built in, allowing you to understand the quality of every seal as it happens.

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An important evolution.

What's new?

Seal Analysis built-in

The Handsealer analyses each seal as it happens. This means that you have confidence in every seal that you complete, and improves reliability of your product.

Economic new case

The new case has a convenient carrying handle for ease of movement. It also has an upright design, taking up less work space.

Customisable front plate

The front plate design can be customised to suit your needs, and is bright and colourful making the device more friendly and attractive.

Vibrant and easy-to-use touch display

The capacitive touch display clearly displays all the important information and quickly allows users to make changes.

New sealing applicator (Coming Soon)

The new applicator improves the ergonomics, whilst still providing the same perfect seal.

Easily achieve perfect seals.

Why use Handheld Induction sealing?


More control than conventional heat sealing. Our induction technology is concentrated, only heating the foil itself and nothing else. This means it always produces precise, secure and pristine seals.


Smarter than the rest. Always know the status of each seal, preventing failures and increasing user confidence.

Small and Portable

The small device can be easily moved around between locations and labs, even making it great for working from home. The small footprint is great for small businesses with limited workspace.


The sealing head is only active during the sealing cycle, meaning that the device does not waste energy whilst idle in comparison to conventional heat sealers.

Farewell to our last generation handsealer.

The ICS600 has helped hundreds of companies perfectly seal their products, and the new Smartseal Handheld Sealer has big footsteps to follow. We will continue to support the ICS600 and complete repairs, although we invite current ICS600 users to trial a demo of the new Handheld Sealer and see the benefits of the analysis technology built in.

Built on trusted technology.