Sealing in a tube

Medical Technology & Diagnostics


For the life sciences industry, being able to create a sealed reagent chamber within a tube presents a significant challenge.

The seals need to be guaranteed every time and produced at speed without damaging the tube and with no compromise on the simplicity of the machine to operate.

The solution was to adapt our current X/Y punch and seal machine being used to seal COVID-19 tests.

We fitted a peristaltic pump and a diving nozzle to deliver the fluid within the chamber. The machine then cuts a foil, holds it on the face of the tool with a vacuum and immediately places and induction seals it to a ledge inside the tube.

Using our induction sealing technology, no direct heat is required so the inner surfaces of the tube remain pristine.

With a single head machine we can seal between 800 and 1000 tubes per hour. This solution can also be scaled up with mutli-head systems to give higher output as required.


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