The SmartSeal Auto is the easiest way to install induction sealing into any equipment. This is an autonomous control induction sealing system requiring only a single start signal to operate. The system also features some of Relco UK latest technology and will monitor every seal made giving a pass/fail signal to confirm process integrity.

In this video you can see a Relco SmartSeal Auto machine that we created for our client Illumina in Singapore. Here is the story behind it:

Our client Christopher and his team at Illumina were using conduction sealing and their cartridges were leaking due to the high forces and higher temperatures needed to make a conduction heat-seal.

+With induction sealing, we can reduce the forces needed to make a good seal by up to a factor of x10 as the heat-transfer happens by electromagnetic induction and the contact is only needed to ensure good conformance between the foil and the cartridge/container.

+We can also use a compliant silicone rubber sealing surface on the sealing head (which remains at ambient temperature) in order to guarantee perfect contact between the sealing foil and the cartridge/container during the sealing process – taking out any surface imperfections or inconsistency.

The leak test showed that the cartridges weren’t reliably sealed using conduction heat sealing and Relco’s induction sealing technology solved this problem.


Get in touch with us today if you are experiencing problems with your conduction sealing and would like to know more about Relco’s induction technology.