Rotary Table Induction Sealing

In House Technology


In this video you can see a Relco FCSI.2 standalone Punch & Seal machine with an integrated rotary table that was designed and developed to help customers begin production much quicker than if they were to build a full automation line.

Our customer approached us, as they needed to get into production as soon as possible. A few design modifications were made to our standard machine, including:

  • Adjusting the overall frame height of the machine
  • Making sure the customer’s part would seal correctly
  • Have the ability to hold 6 parts at once

Further details about the project…

– We also integrated our force measuring system and Delta 4 weld analyzing system to meet our customer’s validation needs.
– Standard on the machine is the HMI, which allows the customer the ability to adjust parameters if needed and to view the force measuring and Delta 4 welding data.

The project was a great success, and the customer was very pleased with the system as it fulfilled all their requirements.


Get in touch with us today if you require any more information on our FCSI.2 machine with integrated rotary table.