Upgrading Pneumatic Systems to promote IIOT and I4.0

In House Technology


With the IIOT and I4.0 push, pneumatic systems can get left behind.

To gain an insight into how the system is behaving, interfaces such as IO-Link, Ethernet/IP and Profinet allow information to be easily collected and managed by OEMs and create an output for the consumer’s judgements on Energy Saving and OEE.


RELCO has moved to standardize with SMC EX valve manifolds, which means:

Reducing installation time and cost

Increasing flexibility

Enabling networking through the entire system


Moving to I-O link-controlled ITV Electro-pneumatic regulators brings many advantages to our customers:

  • Gives users complete control of sealing pressures straight from the HMI
  • Removes the need for any operator input between recipe changes
  • Ensures confidence that set parameters are always being met


Pneumatic systems can take a huge step forward using these technologies, allowing greater insights into how the system is behaving and allowing for tangible energy savings through the more efficient sizing of components and analysis of system behavior.


At RELCO we are upgrading designs and machines, implementing IIOT and I4.0 principles and ensuring that our customers have efficienteffective, and informative pneumatic systems.