Filling with standard size pump

In House Technology


At Relco we are always looking to develop our machines and meet our customers’ requests.

Filling is a popular process with our pharmaceutical customers and being able to offer a machine which can fill and seal, with a pump which can fill a wide range of fill volumes is an issue we were faced with.


We have recently overcome this issue with our latest FCSI.2 machine, which allows our customer to fill their tubes to their desired fill volume and induction seal the part straight after filling.

To get the correct fill volume, we have integrated an off the shelf peristaltic pump from Premier Control Technologies Ltd into our machine.

Setting the fill volume is done via the HMI on the peristaltic pump. Once the fill volume has been set, the Allen Bradley PLC in our machine send’s a signal to the pump when a fill is required when the machine is running.

Once filled, our machine places a foil onto the tube and inductions seals the part, meaning no possible leaking of the liquid inside the tube.