Vision Inspection for Foil Seals

Medical Technology & Diagnostics


The reflective nature of aluminium foil seals has long made the use of vision inspection problematic.  Over the years we have tested numerous systems but have never been satisfied with the results.  This all changed however when we started using the LumiTrax system from Keyence.

Foil inspection

The LumiTrax lighting technology uses between 5 and 8 images of the seal, each illuminated from a different angle.  These are then processed to form a composite which eliminates the reflection generated by conventional systems and delivers a topographical image, thus allowing for even minor surface imperfections in the seal to be detected and rejected.

Using this technology, we can detect many different sealing problems ranging from incorrect foil placement, partial-seals, creases/wrinkles across the sealing area, cuts across the foil membrane and many others.  We have also used this technology on many different shapes and sizes of foil seal ranging from 8mm seals on a diagnostics reagent tube through to 128mm diameter seals on jars of Oyster sauce.

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