Medical Technology & Diagnostics


In the fight against the Corona Virus, multiple diagnostics companies are working to develop COVID-19 tests.

The challenge they faced with two fold:

  1. A manual process which was slow meaning low production volumes.A manual process leaves room for human error.
  2. Custom automation takes between 9 and 20 months to produce and can cost anywhere between $500k and $5m.

Relco has overcome these issues with rapid and cost-effective automation, partnering with Diagnostics for the Real World (DRW) to produce a Point of Care Covid-19 test that’s the most effective Covid test available outside of the laboratory.

Built in just 12 weeks and at great value, our advanced induction sealing technology makes it possible to fill and seal up to 1200 tests per hour, per machine, at the highest quality.

Rated number one in recent US research, this Point of Care test gives 98% accurate results within just 90 minutes.

Relco is ready to partner with operations of any size to deliver fast, cost-effective, off-the-shelf screw-cap sealing solutions or bespoke, non-screw-cap solutions. Just bring us your problems!

As we see it, unprecedented times call for unprecedented innovation.